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Box 585 • Whistler, B.C. • Canada • V0N 1B0

Harvest Cuisine Cookbook Covers

Harvest Cuisine Cookbook

Karen Kay, the author of the Harvest Cuisine Cookbook, has taught hundreds of cooking classes in Whistler since 1994 and has taught community kitchens in Whistler for 5 years. Community kitchens is a skills building program that teaches how to cook healthy on a small budget. Karen became a certified holistic nutritional consultant in 1994 and has raised their 3 children (now young adults) as vegetarians. Karen’s passion is to teach people how to create wonderful meals that promote health for you and the planet. You can generally find her in her kitchen or garden in Whistler or enjoying the great outdoors that Whistler offers.

With the Harvest Cuisine Cookbook you will learn how to create delicious meals that are:

  • Low fat, very high in fibre and are loaded with nutrients
  • Sustainable and earth friendly
  • Local, seasonal and organic
  • Slow food and supports local farmers
  • Whole unprocessed foods without preservatives or additives
  • Ethical
  • Help prevent and reverse disease
  • Allows you to eat abundantly and lose weight
  • And will save you lots of money

You will learn nutrition, healing properties of food, time and money saving tips, cooking skills and tips on growing your own food. All the while cooking with an array of fresh vegetables, 9 different grains, 14 different legumes, seeds, nuts, fruit and herbs all grown in B.C. or Canada.

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